AMArt: The basic concept, Reflective Reality...

Having studied at The Ontario College of Art (now OCAD) during the perplexing Ascot Period, (early 70's)  I ventured timidly into the favoured Conceptual Art Era, never discarding the human form and the landscape. It was there I began my study of colour and composition. From that time, I was fortunate to have Tom Hodgson and Graham Coughtry being, as much as they could be, the connectors to the painterly part of art that I most desired and understood. At the University of Toronto where I studied architecture, I continued drawing from life (under John Hall) and sketching/photographing urban and rural landscapes in situ to give me the pleasure the hard edged world of high rise condominiums, office towers and hospitals could not provide.

Over time I had a Cloud concept rattling around in my brain and needed to turn it into something I could appreciate. It was 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional. I started for example, the series of paintings,  “Cloudscapes”, after years of staring at and photographing sky views religiously every day, whenever I was out of the city. I loved them, but did not know how to represent these views without being tied to one idea. My solution was, just progressively paint the views, or as a professor at OCA once said, just do it.

The net result is 50 or so canvases that explore the sky, the horizon and the sun. The many views they present show a diverse perspective of, to simplify, what I see when I look up. The idea initially was to capture these images on 48" x 36" vertical canvases. This naturally created subsets of cloud related views looking out over water or land depending on my current travels or geographic location, urban or rural.

Another series, 20 or so, of sketch sized (11 x 8, 12 x 18) paintings "the Colour Series" explored my objective of creating images using unrealistic colours to create realistic perspective views. These small paintings were inspired by paintings I grew up with and saw at local gallery's I admired. (Isaacs, Roberts, McMichael, Goddard)

"From the Dock", is a series that attempts to document the flow of the day observed from a single location over a time period of 18 or so hours. There are 8, 36 x 24 canvases oriented horizontally, this series continues to grow.

"Above the Clouds" is another series of large and medium canvases  (48 x 36 and 36 x 24) that interpret views observed generally from elevations between 5,000 and 30,000 feet. The uniqueness is seen when the horizon is observed as the end of the world.

"The Northern Lights" is a theme based series that explores and records my sightings of the Aurora Borealis.

Digital Painting has become a portable and satisfying media. I used it more currently as it lends itself well to the current Covid-19 social Separation, where materials are harder to access. I have gained much insight to past work, travel documents and my drawing, painting and colouring methods, using digital manipulation,  which may have otherwise not been explored.

I have spent some time documenting my painting and photography on Instagram (#alanmaguireart) to give at times an explanation of my work, my interests and how I see and enjoy things visually. 

All of these paintings are not overwhelmingly realistic nor are they patently blurred beyond recognition. They have a comfortable demeanor resting on what I refer to as " Reflective Reality".

See CONTACTS for other sources  of communication and descriptions of paintings and architecture.